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We can tell you how great our products are “until the cows come home”, but wouldn’t you rather hear from actual growers? Here we’ve gathered a sampling of the many video and written testimonies we have from real farmers whose bottom lines have increased as a result of using Calcium Products’ Supercal SO4 and 98G as part of their soil fertility program.

Video Testimonials

  • Testimonials from the people that use it every day.

  • Farnhamville FC Coop on SO4 and 98G.

  • Steve Pellatz, Nebraska and SuperCal 98G

  • SuperCal 98G Products Testimonial

  • Terri Jacobson for Calcium Products, Inc.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Jim has been using SuperCal SO4 as part of his fertility program on his alfalfa. He has an acre of alfalfa that is 30 years old and produces more than 6 ton per year.

    — Jim Jarosz, Cedar Rapids, Nebraska
  • We have been raising cattle on grass for many years, traditional fertilizer didn't seem to be giving us the response we were looking for. We started looked for other options and Gene Zimmerman recommended SuperCal SO4. We were looking for a good sulfur source, but also felt we needed the calcium. The grass responded quite well to 300 lbs/a. We could tell where the spreader ran out of SuperCal SO4, and we have seen a big difference compared to the ground we did not spread any SuperCal SO4 on.
    It has been pretty dry this year so we were not sure what kind of results we would see. The carrying capacity looked better than my neighbors, and the cattle seem to like the grass better, and even started grazing the weeds. I have cows that have never raised good calves; this year they have big calves. Two representatives from the local sale barn came to visit me. My calves were more robust, they wanted to know what I was doing.
    "I would use SuperCal SO4 again, it’s priced reasonably."

    — Morris Stokes, Sullivan County, Missouri
  • have been using SuperCal SO4 for 4 years now and have been seeing it right to the row where I have been using it as my pictures show, I have been banding it at 50 to 100 # rates and have seen anywhere from 5 to 11 bushels increase on my corn yields. The 50# rate was costing me about $3/acre and seeing a 5-bushel yield increase at $3/bushel corn is $15 for a $3 investment. A 5x return on investment works for me.
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    — Jay Myers, Colfax, North Dakota