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SuperCal SO4M on Field Corn Yield

• Planted field Corn (Novartis 2555 Bt) on May 8, 1998 at 33,000 SPA• 10 acre field• 5 Replications• 2 Treatments   Statistical Treatment Comparisons   Project Code: 98-61015 Location: Hollandale, MN Sponsor: Calcium Products, Inc. By: Agri-Growth, Inc. Treatments Rate Yield bu/A SuperCal SO4M 300 lbs/A 156.7 a Untreated Control 0 144.3 b   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Means followed by the same letter do not significantly differ (P=.05 Duncan's MRT)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Field corn (Novartis 2555 Bt) planted on May 8, 1998 at 33,000 SPASuperCal SO4M applied prior to planting5 replications

SuperCal SO4 on Soybeans with White Mold

Plot Map • Planted soybeans (Stine 2500) on May 16, 1998 at 50 lbs/A• 20 acre field• 5 Replications• 2 Treatments CaSO4 Soybean with White Mold Yield Map 1998 The average of the areas receiving SuperCal SO4 yielded 48.4 bushels, the areas that did not get treated averaged 38.6 bushels, which was a difference of 9.8 bu/A. At $10 soybeans that is a return of over $65 per acre.