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Calcium Product 98G


98G, pH, and Tillage Influence on Soybean and Corn Yield

Introduction A number of South Dakota soils are developing lower pH surface soils primarily due to the acidifying effect of added nitrogen. Two adjacent studies at the Aurora Farm (Brandt loams) were established to adjust soil pH by either lime or sulfur additions to determine the long term effect of soil pH on corn and soybean yield under both conventional and no-till systems.

SuperCal SO4 with Zn and N on Corn

SuperCal SO4 has been shown to increase nitrogen uptake as sulfur in SuperCal SO4 aids in the nitrification process. Calcium helps to stabilize nitrogen by decreasing volatilization loss. Calcium is essential to the biochemical process of plants to absorb nutrients. Adding SuperCal SO4 to your fertility program will make your expensive nitrogen and zinc work better.

SO4 vs. Cal-Sul on Soybean

The 'SO4 versus Cal-Sul broadcast on soybeans' study evaluates these products' ability to enhance soybean seedling vigor, stand establishment and yield response. An 80-acre field was planted with soybean variety Pioneer 92BO5 (141,000 seeds per acre) and  SO4 at 300 lbs/A and 500 lbs/A versus Cal-Sul at 300 lbs/A and 500 lbs/A applied broadcast in 44 foot wide strips, 1,200 feet long. Strips were alternated in six replicates and comparisons were tracked throughout the growing season until harvest.  

SuperCal SO4 on Alfalfa Yield

SuperCal SO4 on Alfalfa Yield Location:          Hollandale, MN - 20 Acre Field Date:               1999 Crop:               Alfalfa - 99-64220                        Planted @ 16 lbs/acre Treatments:      SuperCal SO4 applied at 300 lbs/acre                        Applied March 16, 1999                        Six replications