Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: urine spots

Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: urine spots

Treating pet burns with SuperCal SO4

In a past blog on burn problems on turf I told you how SuperCal SO4 can help eliminate pet burn spots. I wanted to show you how well it works.

I have a 2 year old Great Dane. Since our road is very busy, we let him out on a lead to do his business. I thought I had him trained to go around to the side yard near the field. I guess with the cold windy winter he wanted to do it out of the wind, right in front of the house.

Since I do not farm, my yard is my crop and I take pride in making it look nice. A spotted dog is fine but a spotted lawn is not. To take care of the spots, I spread SuperCal SO4 at 40#/1000 sq ft on April 1st. There has been significant improvement.


 SuperCal SO4 applied April 1


 Yard 30 days after application



 Yard 45 days after application - As you can see there is still some spotting left, I will treat those spots tonight by hand.



 I hand treated the pet spots on May 19th, This picture was taken on July 16. While there are still a few small spots left most are completely closed in!


For a few of the tougher spots, I will be applying a new formula to see if it works any better.


I'll keep you updated on the progress.



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