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Let There Be Lime

In January 2015 featured an article written by John Deitz, Let There Be Lime. The focus of the article is the how SuperCal products are helping producers in in Western Canada reclaim land and increase yields

Key Points from the Article:

  •  “If we can apply lime annually to a very small width of application within actual areas that need to be treated, we can drive annualized costs down to between 7% and 9% or lower than the amount the old methods would use,” Solberg says.
  • In 2013, ENR applied a 600-pound rate of SuperCal SO4 to about 200 acres of white, hard, grow-nothing land in southern Alberta that had 26% sodium. It harvested 80-bushel barley on the treated area.
  • The 400-pound applications of SuperCal 98G increased soil pH by about 0.6 and offered the best return – nearly 9 bushels per acre. Cost for the product and application was about $57 an acre.

You can download the article as a pdf


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What is SuperCal SO4?

Over the past few weeks, people have asked is what is SuperCal SO4?

SuperCal SO4 is pelletized gypsum, however we put in a crazy amount of extra time and effort to ensure our products are highly effective. We call it the SuperCal Advantage and it consists of three components

Purity                          Particle Size                       Precision 


SuperCal SO4 is a true dihydrate gypsum mined from one of the purest sources of gypsum on earth. Many people think, gypsum is gypsum, however science shows us this is just not so. Check out this test from Pace Turf .

gypusm bars

We’ve also spent extra time and effort to test many sources of gypsum, and none compare to SuperCal.

Particle Size Matters

When it comes to mined gypsum, none are ground finer prior to pellitization than SuperCal. The combination of purity and particle size results in the highest dissolution rates in the industry.

Why I am telling you this?

Gypsum is a rock, and if you cannot get it to dissolve in the soil solution it won’t work. Gypsum, limestone and fertilizer all must dissolve in the soil solution to be effective! Large particles don’t react in enough time for you to see benefit from it.

We Pelletize for Precision

The reason we pelletize is to ensure our very pure, finely ground SuperCal SO4 spreads evenly for maximum effectiveness. With nearly 30 years in the industry, we have perfected a formulation resulting in low dust and precise spreading on every acre. Poorly applied product costs the grower yield.

A study from Virginia Tech confirms what the farmer knows, “The results of this research proved conclusively that non–uniform application of fertilizers resulted in less total yield than uniformly applied fertilizers even though the same total rate per acre had been applied in each case. The loss in yield due to lower than recommended rates of application far exceeded the slight increase in yield obtained from excess application over the recommended rate.”

clumps stipes  

 Whether its wet or dry, bulk gypsum won’t spread well.

The other issue with finely ground gypsum is drift loss. The chart below was developed from a USDA program that was developed to predict the motion of spray material released from various devices connected to an aircraft. Values and assumptions were modified to match that of a dry material in a rotary spreader in an agricultural setting.


 Based on this work, you could see up to 25% or more drift from a bulk applied product. The finer and dryer a product, the farther and greater the drift!

Only SuperCal SO4 ensures you the highest quality, most effective product in the market, backed by over 20 years of success and farms all across North America.

Here is one mutli-year study by Iowa State. Wider yield differences were experienced early in the study due to application on known sulfur deficient soils. Regardless, the consistent yield improvements speak for themselves.


ISU Trial data

For farmers that demand consistent repeatable responses from their inputs, SuperCal SO4 is the only market proven product. If you still have questions, give anyone of our staff a call!

More Helpful Links:

SuperCal SO4 Product Page

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The Blogronomist is maintained by Craig Dick, head blogronomist and VP of Sales and Marketing. Here you will find a wide array of blog articles from Craig and expert guests on topics related to soil and crop health, farming, and so much more. If it’s not here, ask us!                           




Any soil amendment will do….


Many growers think all soil amendments are created equally. The demanding grower knows better, as the demanding Tequila drinker knows that not all Tequila is created equal.

Check out this fun video Not Just any Tequila from Hornitos Tequila

Choosing any soil amendment product is worse than asking for any haircut. Hair grows back, yields don’t!

Protect your high yielding crops by asking for SuperCal!



Fly-In Plant Tour

Calcium Products was pleased this week to host one of our dealers.  Harold Hartzler, and his family, visited our plant at Fort Dodge.  Harold has been a dealer for many years, but has decided to start reducing the pace of his activities, and turn over many of the business responsibilities to his grandsons.

Since Harold and his family live in Ohio, they elected to fly to Fort Dodge.  After staying overnight, the group toured the SO4 facility,  While there, they were able to observe the production process from start to finish.  They were impressed with the large storage area, bagging equipment, and emphasis on quality control.

Harold, Jeff, Josh & Corbin-thank you for coming to visit.  We enjoyed our time with you!

We are always pleased to introduce our people and products.  If you have questions, or would like to visit, just ask!





Onions & SO4

Take care when applying SO4

I (Glen) decided last week that our garden was needing some calcium.  The soil structure had declined considerably since earlier this spring, and it was becoming difficult to till (hoe).  I was also wanting to increase the quality of the potatoes and reduce the onset of blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Thursday evening I applied SO4.  It was very difficult to get between the rows of potatoes, so I top spread the area, and then turned on the water for 2 hours.  Friday morning, my wife harvested some onions, which were near the potatoes, and was surprised that she couldn't stand to eat them.  She also couldn't stand to cut the tops off of more than 2-3 at a time without tears. 

Conclusion: the sulfur level in the onion had increased significantly.

Lesson learned & a very evident (tearful) demonstration of the solubility of SO4.  In this case, less than 12 hours & 0.4" of water were sufficient for the product to break down & be taken up by the plant.  If you have plants that you don't want to more pungent (radishes, peppers), please take care when applying SO4.



The Blogronomist is maintained by Craig Dick, head blogronomist and VP of Sales and Marketing. Here you will find a wide array of blog articles from Craig and expert guests on topics related to soil and crop health, farming, and so much more. If it’s not here, ask us!


SO4 and 98G available in Rake, Iowa

Congratulations to Farmers Cooperative in Rake, Iowa on the opening of their new dry plant! The agronomy team at Rake does a great job when it come to fertility planning and management. If you have not stopped by in a while, now may be a great time.


Thanks for making us a part of your open house and good luck this fall!




Corn Yield Response to SuperCal SO4

Corn Yield Response to SuperCal SO4

Location:         Northern/NE Iowa

Date:              2006 - 2008

Crop:              Corn

Treatments:    Initial: 40 lbs S/acre (SuperCal SO4 @ 235 lbs/A)

                     Follow-up: 10, 20, 40 lbs S/acre (SuperCal SO4 @ 60, 117, 235 lbs/A)


Is it SuperCal 98G or SuperCal SO4?

SuperCal 98G and SuperCal SO4 can often be confused. From their similar names to the similar nature of their appearance, people wonder, how do I know which product I have?

The vinegar test is a simple test you can perform quickly and easily to know whether the product you have is SuperCal 98G or SuperCal SO4.

The acid neutralizing reactions between the carbonate and acid in the vinegar will cause SuperCal 98G to fizz. Since there is no carbonate in SuperCal SO4, it will do nothing.

Combine no more than 1 teaspoon of pellets and a 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar in a reaction proof container with an open top. 



SuperCal 98G is on the left, with its tell-tale fizzing. That is a result of 1 ml of vinegar and 1 tsp of each product. SuperCal SO4 is on the right, no reactions.



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