Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: humic

Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: humic

Calcium Products capitalizes on humics’ popularity

SuperCal Humic was recently featured in the Fort Dodge Iowa newspaper, The Messenger.

SuperCal Humic will:


• Increases root growth
• Increases nutrient uptake and drought tolerance
• Allows for even application of dry humic substances
• Provides all the benefits of SuperCal SO4, plus humic substances
• Low dust easy to handle dry humates.

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Humates. What are they? Should they be in your fertility program?

Humates and humic acids are certianly nothing new, in fact, humates are millions of years old. They are organic matter in an advanced state of decay. Humates have passed through the stages of compost and peat but have not yet become coal.

Here is a great informational sheet describing the benefits of humates: Humic Info Sheet

If you are not currently using humates and/or humic acids you need to consider adding this powerful soil amendment to your fertility program.

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