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SuperCal SO4 on Golf Courses

On Thursday I spent the day with one of our turf distributors. Scott Goes, owner of Nebraska Landscape Solutions, in Lincoln Nebraska. Scott services golf courses, sports turf fields, and lawn care professionals in southeastern Nebraska.

Scott took me to see a couple of golf courses. The first was Beatrice Country Club. We meet with the golf course superintendent Andy Hamilton. Andy has many challenges to deal with, watering with effluent water, low lying greens that don’t dry properly, and recent new hole construction. BCC has utilized SuperCal SO4 for a number of years to fix the problems of watering with effluent water.

I had not been to this course but Andy is doing a great job. If you’re in the Beatrice area stop in for a round, you wont be disappointed

The second course we visited was Hidden Acres Golf Course just outside of Beatrice. Jim Workman who is the superintendent there also has many challenges; Small budget, little help, and not enough equipment. Jim has been using SuperCal SO4 on his greens and fairways for two years. This year he had a 3” water main break. The watering system was not set up to have zones and the whole system had to be shut down for repairs. This lasted 4 days. None of the greens or fairways had water and one day the temps where is the 90’s. Jim was nervous, but he said he couldn’t believe how well the turf held up.

I had golfed this course in 2001 or 2002 and there has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of the turf over the past few years. Great job Jim!

Thanks again Scott, Andy, and Jim, I really enjoyed seeing your courses… next time I’ll bring the sticks!



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