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Random acts of kindness do exist!

In today’s world of cynicism and political correctness it’s hard to believe random acts of kindness really do exist! You see, I always have heard stories of this happening to other people but I never thought it would happen to me. Well, thanks to Paula Creamer and the USGA for restoring my optimism that people really care and really do perform random acts of kindness.

My story begins about 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 8, 2012. I woke up with anticipation that I would be attending the U.S. Women’s Open at Blackwolf Run in Kohler, WI. (Note: see the word “I” in the sentence) I had asked my daughter, Elizabeth, on Saturday evening if she would be interested in joining me at the championship and she really didn’t think it would be any fun….thanks to her mom and some coaxing it was a day she will never forget!

As we headed to Kohler for the championship, a 5-minute drive from our house, she and I were talking and I asked her is there was anyone she would like to see in particular. I was not surprised to hear her say she wanted to see Paula Creamer. I am positive that it had nothing to do with her golf game; sorry Paula, but my 8-year-old only knew that you always wear pink, which happens to be her favorite color.

Once we arrived at Blackwolf Run, the first thing we needed to do was see what time Paula was going to tee off because that would tell us when we might be able to catch a glimpse of her on the putting green or the driving range before we moved on to some other player. As luck would have it we wandered over to the putting green and within 5 or 10 minutes of waiting, her caddie arrived with Paula’s bag so I told Elizabeth, ‘hang tight it won’t be long.’ A few moments later I spotted Paula coming out of the clubhouse and told E that she was coming. Her comment was, “wow, she’s pretty and I love her pink shirt and bow in her hair.” We watched her eat her banana and roll a few putts. Since the attention span of most 8-year-olds is pretty short, unless it involves the Disney Channel, E was ready to move on and go find a treat. We spent some time on the first tee and then moved over to the 9th green to watch a few players make the turn. I told Elizabeth I wanted to head back to the first tee so I could see the leaders tee off and then we could talk about heading home and watch the finale on TV. She agreed and off we went.

Fortunately, we arrived at the first hole and there was some space on the rope line so I told E she should sit at my feet to be more comfortable. We arrived at the rope around 11 a.m. and only had a few groups to go until the last tee time.

elizabethNow that I have set the scene a bit, the real story now begins. The crowd really started to get heavy on the first hole and E and I had a great position right on the rope line, as the 11:20 tee time leaves the tee for the fairway, the players for the 11:30 tee time arrive and it happened to be Paula Creamer’s group. As she was heading down the hill, I happened to notice she was carrying a small handbag to the tee. I was thinking to myself, ‘where in the world is she going to put that, she’s about to tee off,’ and from the comments around me, I wasn’t the only one thinking that. When she arrived on the tee, she headed over to her caddie, grabbed a Sharpie and walked directly over to my daughter Elizabeth. Asked her what her name was and signed her range ball bag , “To Elizabeth, Love, Paula Creamer”! For that split second, Elizabeth was the most popular person at Blackwolf Run.

Thanks to Paula Creamer, acts of kindness really do happen and yesterday it happened to my family. Not only was it extremely thoughtful and very kind of Paula to take time out of her day to sign her bag for Elizabeth but she also inspired and motivated a young girl to dream a little bigger and to boosted her self-esteem. Paula, I cannot thank you enough. Elizabeth couldn’t stop smiling and neither could I! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


How to safely remove salt from your soil

Hurricane season has arrived and the experts are expecting a very busy season. Not only do these types of storms leave immediate damage to properties in the form of flooding, wind damage, power outages but it can leave lasting damage to your turf and plants by increasing the amount of salts or sodium to your soils.

Unless you have salt-tolerant grass or plants, which most people do not, high levels of salts can be very devastating to your landscapes. Increased levels of salt act as a barrier to the plant’s cell wall, in essence tricking it into thinking it is in a drought situation even it there is plenty of water. When the plant can’t absorb the water in the soil it will shut down and go into dormancy and eventually will die due to lack of hydration.

There are a few ways to combat the salt issues if you don’t landscape with salt-tolerant plants and turf. You can spend time flushing the areas with clean water until the salts have been leached out of the ground. This takes an extreme amount of water to fully leach out the salts out of the root zone and is an irresponsible use of water in this age of conservation.

The safest, healthiest and most cost efficient way to rid your soil of high levels of salt is to use gypsum. But not just any gypsum, it has to be a calcium sulfate di-hydrate (CaSO4*2H2O). This form of gypsum is by far the most soluble form available. The best calcium sulfate di-hydrate gypsum on the market, SuperCal SO4 by Calcium Products, is extremely effective and efficient in correcting your high sodium levels in the soils.

Application of SuperCal SO4 is very easy. It comes as simple, clean, uniform pellets that can be spread using a broadcast or drop spreader. It is to be topically applied to the turf; for best results follow the application with a light watering to assist in the breakdown of the pellets. Because it is a naturally mined material it can be applied anytime during the year, regardless of the temperature. It will not burn the grass or affect the pH.

For the leaching of the salts due to extreme weather or due to high sodium levels from other factors, increase the suggested application rates from 5-10 pounds per thousand square feet to 20-30 pounds per thousand square feet.

Before long your turf will be thanking you; it will not only be salt free but healthier, stronger and more resistant to drought and disease pressures because the calcium strengthened the cell wall and increased the immune system of the plant.


Your turf doesn’t have to suffer in the drought!

Chances are good that you are one of the 57% in the midst of the drought affecting the USA. While it may be too late to keep your turf from going dormant, it is never too late to prepare for the future. I’ll try to not get too scientific but wanted to share some documented results in plant survival and drought tolerance.

We have known for a long time at Calcium Products the benefits of gypsum in protecting against droughts and localized dry spots. The most important thing to remember when the weather becomes hot and dry is that it’s normal for your turf to go into survival mode known as dormancy. It is a natural reaction to a lack of water. Your turf is not dying, just shutting down to protect itself. If it stays in dormancy for an extended amount of time before you have to worry about the turf dying out.

One of the best ways to protect your turf is to apply SuperCal SO4 pelletized gypsum, manufactured by Calcium Products, Inc. One of the more important benefits of applying SuperCal SO4 is that it helps create structure to your soil. Without proper structure in your soil, a drought will lead to hardening of the soils as they dry out, localized dry spots, cracking of the soils and crusting of the top layer of soil.

houston.JPGBy applying SuperCal SO4 you will see these benefits to your turf:

Reduced soil hardening

Reduction of crusting and cracking

Increased water retention

Flocculation of clay soils

Increased rooting

Reduction in the need for irrigation to maintain lushness of turf

Increase protection against pest and disease pressures

Unlock the nutrients in your soil for plant uptake

Now is the time to prepare for the future! Treat your turf, your plants and your garden to SuperCal SO4 and see results you can be proud of. Set the standard in your neighborhood!



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Do you know where your lime and gypsum come from?

There are a lot of companies that claim to have the best product on the market but can those companies stand behind that product 100% without being the manufacturer?

We can say without a doubt our products are the best. Calcium Products, Inc., takes pride in the fact that our products are milled, formulated, bagged and distributed, by us, to all points across the U.S.  and Canada. In addition to the Calcium Products bags, look for our product next year in a new line of products for homeowners, Pure Elements. If you want to make sure you are getting the best, look for the name Calcium Products or Pure Elements on the bag.

Calcium Products has the purest, cleanest, fastest-acting, most efficient limestone and gypsum on the  market today. If anyone tells you their product is better, ask them where they source their materials.


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