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Come Talk With Us!

Welcome to 2010!  The next few months will be busy ones for everybody, including us.  We will be at the Servi-Tech Midwinter Conference this week, followed by the Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual Conference in Marshalltown (

Next week is the National No-Till Conference in Des Moines on January 13-16 (, & we finish up January at the Nebraska Agri-Business Expo on the 27th & 28th (

The 1st week of February will find us at the Iowa Power Farming Show ( in Des Moines (February 2-4), and we will be participating in the Agribusiness Showcase & Conference ( on February 9 & 10.

You can also check out our show calendar here: (

We look forward to seeing you!


Fly-In Plant Tour

Calcium Products was pleased this week to host one of our dealers.  Harold Hartzler, and his family, visited our plant at Fort Dodge.  Harold has been a dealer for many years, but has decided to start reducing the pace of his activities, and turn over many of the business responsibilities to his grandsons.

Since Harold and his family live in Ohio, they elected to fly to Fort Dodge.  After staying overnight, the group toured the SO4 facility,  While there, they were able to observe the production process from start to finish.  They were impressed with the large storage area, bagging equipment, and emphasis on quality control.

Harold, Jeff, Josh & Corbin-thank you for coming to visit.  We enjoyed our time with you!

We are always pleased to introduce our people and products.  If you have questions, or would like to visit, just ask!





Fall checklist

Harvest is underway in many areas, and will rapidly pick up speed in the next few weeks.  I (Glen) see other signs of fall as I travel these days.  The leaves are changing, the air has freshened, and fall application of fertilizer is underway. 

My fall checklist includes:

  1. Winterize all equipment
  2. Finish maintenance/pre-season inspections
  3. Review application lists & field maps
  4. Order SuperCal 98G & SO4

I anticipate a busy fall season for lime application, and have been encouraging dealers to bring in product as soon as they are able to do so.  I fully expect the fall movement to increase significantly in 1-2 weeks, just when the availability of trucks decreases.  Getting product in now allows for flexibility in inventory management, greater control over supply, and less chance of logistical challenges (i.e. less stress)!

Please be safe this fall.  Take a little extra time to remind others to be safe also.



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