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Andrew Hoiberg, Ph.D.

Andrew Hoiberg, Ph.D.

Corn Yield Response to SuperCal SO4

Corn Yield Response to SuperCal SO4

Location:         Northern/NE Iowa

Date:              2006 - 2008

Crop:              Corn

Treatments:    Initial: 40 lbs S/acre (SuperCal SO4 @ 235 lbs/A)

                     Follow-up: 10, 20, 40 lbs S/acre (SuperCal SO4 @ 60, 117, 235 lbs/A)


Nitrogen leading to acidic soil?

Many farmers do not consider nitrogen fertilizers as contributing to soil acidity but it is actually THE largest factor in soils becoming more acidic. Areas in western Kansas are now dealing with acid soils, even in areas where alkaline soils are common, thanks to nitrogen applications.

We think this article from Kansas State University explains this very well.

And if you're ready to fix acidic soil, you'll want our SuperCal 98G!


Gotta get that feeling...

I was watching the Super Bowl over the weekend and, of course, the commercials. I was struck by how many commercials had little or nothing to do with the product or service they were selling. Well-known companies with simple, straight-forward products. Yet these companies paid millions for the 30- or 60-second spot. They paid a lot of money to actors, writers, special effects people—some were like mini movies. Why?

Advertisers know people don’t buy a “thing,” they buy a feeling. They buy the feeling that “thing” can do for them or what feeling they would miss if they didn’t buy.

At Calcium Products, we have some great things to talk about, but maybe we spend too much time talking about the “thing.” It’s easy to do—98% calcium carbonate, pellets instead of powder, pounds instead of tons per acre, etc., etc.

However, farmers who buy 98G talk about seeing better, more even crops and can prove it with their yield monitor. After spending thousands of dollars on “precision agriculture,” they feel better knowing what they needed to apply actually ended up where it was needed and not blown into the neighbors’ field. They know this year’s application of 98G helps this year’s nitrogen, potash, phosphate, seed and chemicals work better this year, to pay off this year’s operating note at the bank this year. That may even leave extra money in the bank to remodel the kitchen this year.

I don’t think you will see a Calcium Products advertisement on next year’s Super Bowl broadcast, but if you purchase SuperCal 98G this year, you’ll get that much advertised feeling of elation this year.

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