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How to repair sodic soils

Sodium problems are becoming more widespread

Sodic soils are one of the most difficult challenges facing turf managers in areas where they exist. With the rise of effluent water use for golf course and athletic field irrigation, sodium problems are becoming more widespread than they were in the past. High levels of sodium create a toxic environment for plant health and destroy the physical structure of soils.

Sodium becomes a problem when it reaches levels that overwhelm the natural equilibrium of the soil. It causes soil clay particles to swell and disperse, causing soil pores to become blocked, limiting water infiltration and drainage of the soil. Plants trying to grow in sodic soils exhibit symptoms of drought due to excessive uptake of sodium and lack of water infiltration into the soil where roots normally grow.

Check out our document on using SO4 and 98G to manage sodium affected soils.

Del Norte High School in San Diego, California

Below are before and after photos of Del Norte High School's baseball field in San Diego, California. After extensive soil testing, it was identified that sodium levels were at toxic levels for quality turfgrass growth and that the Calcium/Magnesium ratios were dramatically off. 98G, our pelletized limestone, was applied at 10 lbs/1000 ft2 every three to four weeks from June to November for a total of about eight applications.

Below: Del Norte High School third base line in June 2016.

Del Norte 3rd Baseline Before

Below: Del Norte High School third base line in November 2016.

Del Notre 3rd Base Line After


Paul Cushing, Territory Sales Manager | Turf and Agriculture, Western U.S.

Paul came on board at Calcium Products in 2016 after an extensive 27-year career in turf management. In addition to his responsibilities for Calcium Products sales in the professional turf industry, Paul is an independent agronomic consultant for golf courses and sports turf. Most recently, Paul worked for more than five years as the Assistant Deputy Director of Golf Course Operations for the City of San Diego managing a 98-person staff and five golf courses, including Torrey Pines, the annual home of the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open. Paul spent two years away from the golf course as the Regional Operations Manager for ValleyCrest Companies, overseeing the maintenance of more than 100 commercial landscape accounts, including Disneyland Park and Resort, Angel Stadium and the Richard Nixon Library. Paul spent the first half of his career as a Director of Golf Course Construction and Maintenance Operations at several California and Nevada golf courses, four of which are ranked in the top-100 courses in America. He has a bachelor’s degree in ornamental horticulture from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo and is proficient in Spanish as a second language. Paul lives in San Diego, California.

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