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Calcium Product 98G


Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: April 2014

Carboxylic acid . . . is it worth the price?

Carboxylic acids are added to some gypsum products to act as a ‘complexing agent.’ One of the claims is that these acids make the calcium ‘more available’ for plant uptake.

For the calcium and sulfur to be plant available it needs to be in the soil solution. Using a simple test, one can determine how soluble a product is. Our research has shown that SuperCal SO4 is more soluble than products containing expensive carboxylic acids.



Updated Location Schedule

Current Loading Hours:

Alden (98G bulk)

Monday through Friday - 6 AM to 5 PM 

*Trucks need to arrive by 4 PM in order to load. 


Gilmore City (98G bulk)

Sunday 5 PM through Friday 5 PM


Fort Dodge (98G - South Plant & SO4 - North Plant)

Monday 5 AM through Friday 5 PM

*Saturday by appointment


IF you are planning on loading AFTER 5 PM, or would like to change your pick up location, PLEASE call 800-255-8196 BEFORE 5 PM to confirm you have a valid load number.  We currently are not staffed to adjust load numbers after hours.  


SuperCal SO4 - CHS Winona Terminal

Calcium Products & CHS have agreed to have SuperCal SO4 available at CHS's Winona terminal.  Product is laid in and available for the Spring season.  For anyone interested, please contact your CHS representative.  



Any soil amendment will do….


Many growers think all soil amendments are created equally. The demanding grower knows better, as the demanding Tequila drinker knows that not all Tequila is created equal.

Check out this fun video Not Just any Tequila from Hornitos Tequila

Choosing any soil amendment product is worse than asking for any haircut. Hair grows back, yields don’t!

Protect your high yielding crops by asking for SuperCal!



Pasture Management

The current cost of fertilizer, corn, and land has many livestock owners wondering how to stay profitable. Unfortunately there are not quick solutions. This article on nutrient cycling in pastures should help. I have condensed it for quicker reading. 

Appropriate pasture management can enhance the nutrient cycle, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Two practical indicators of soil health are the number of earthworms and the percentage of organic matter in the soil.

The Unsung Heroes

When I first started with Calcium Products 5 years ago I heard an extreme environmentalist talk about the “AUGUSTA EFFECT” and he was referring to how televising the Masters in color started the overuse of fertilizers in order to make golf courses and home lawns look as “perfect” as Augusta National. Take it from me, nothing is “perfect” but Augusta is close and it is not because of the overuse and irresponsible application of chemicals or pesticides. Like thousands of other GCSAA superintendents, Augusta National follows a very well thought out, well executed fertility plan. See this article written during this year’s Masters Tournament regarding some of the best practices in maintaining the course, Augusta National Golf Club: Nothing Cosmetic.

The use of the phrase the “Augusta Effect” is one, unfair because Augusta National is an easy target due to the extreme privacy of the clubs operations, and two the environmentalists that take unfair shots at Augusta National are actually taking an unfair shot at all superintendents worldwide.  Golf Course superintendents are not a bunch of un-educated, un-informed ogres that are looking to destroy the environment with the overuse of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides at the expense of the watershed. The real truth is that Golf Course superintendents are some of the world’s leading agronomists that are highly skilled, highly trained and most importantly highly educated.

I have been involved in the golf industry for nearly 15 years, gaining my PGA membership in 1999. I have been fortunate to work at one of the world’s leading golf resorts and I have had inside access to how the superintendents manage high value turf at a very high value facility and let me be the first to tell everyone, it is not their mission to turn the facility into Augusta National Golf Club and it is not their mission to destroy the environment. All they are trying to accomplish is providing an experience that is memorable for every golfer that plays at the facility. I think this is ultimately the mission of every golf course superintendent. They are truly the unsung heroes of the industry. Without great golf course superintendents, there would be no golf. No offense to the restaurant, or to the PGA Professional staff, but without a quality golf course with quality playing conditions the golf course would never survive. Don’t get me wrong, all facilities need exceptional value added services like a restaurant, or a well-stocked pro shop or professional providing lessons on the practice tees but if the turf is poor the facility is sunk.

The next time you are out playing golf and you see someone on the maintenance staff, be sure to stop them and thank them for getting the course ready and you appreciate their service!! 


Limestone, pH, & Calcium

When was the last time you checked on your hay fields or how about your cattle pasture? Was your hay crop a little light last year? Check out this article written by Craig Dick in this week Progressive Forage Grower magazine - explains the difference between limestone, pH, and calcium.  Knowing the difference can make an impact on your yield and overall quality.

Click on the link to read the full article.  Progressive Forage Grower

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