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Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: June 2013

Calcium Products sponsors Iowa FFA Soils CDE


Calcium Products is excited to announce that in partnership with the Iowa FFA Foundation, we will be sponsoring the Iowa State FFA Soils Evaluation Career Development Events (CDE).

“As an alum of FFA, I have been looking for an opportunity to get Calcium Products involved with FFA. When the Iowa FFA Association called and said it had been a couple of years since they had a sponsor for the soils CDE, we knew we had to help out,” said Craig Dick, VP sales & marketing at Calcium Products.

Agricultural Skills CDEs are held throughout the year, starting in April at the FFA State Leadership Conference and ending in October with the State FFA Soils CDE. Through CDEs, FFA members are recognized for their knowledge, problem solving and achievement of skills in Iowa FFA Career Development Events. These events are a critical part of the Ag Ed three circle model allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a competitive environment, while highlighting their understanding of their designated career area.

The Iowa FFA Foundation is dedicated to developing relationships to secure financial support for all of Iowa’s agricultural education organizations. It supports and assists advancement of Iowa's and America's greatest natural resource—young people and recognizes FFA members' achievements through awards and scholarships.

Calcium Products is proud to support the FFA and the Iowa FFA Foundation. 

“There is no greater resource than our soil, and over the years many people have forgotten that. I can think of no better way to ensure the success of agriculture than by sponsoring soil education,” said Larry Moore, founder of Calcium Products.



SuperCal 98G vs. Ag Lime

SuperCal 98G, Pel-Lime, and Ag Limestone were broadcast on soybeans in fall 1999 to evaluate their ability to enhance soybean seedling vigor, stand establishment and yield response.

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Turf Product Calculator

This calculator takes the guess work out of ordering bunker sand. Enter all your bunker dimensions below, and let the calculator do the rest.

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Humic is a unique pelletized calcium and sulfur product. For soils low in organic matter, compacted, sandy and/or low in sulfur, Humic provides humic substances, along with chelated calcium and sulfur in sulfate form. This can improves your crop's uptake of calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and other micronutrients. As part of a balanced soil fertility program, Humic should be applied after a thorough annual soil test to determine soil nutrient levels.

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Test Plot Results

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Triplicity is a triple-activated calcium fertilizer that increases root growth and nutrient uptake in turf. It adds vital calcium to the soil and manages pH in acidic soils. Soil condition is improved as beneficial microorganism growth is stimulated and nutrient availability is increased. We highly recommend a complete soil test to determine your soil's current nutrient levels be administered before using Triplicity.

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Triplicity Test Plot Results

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When looking for a way to increase your bottom line, we believe in starting at ground level. SO4 delivers vital sulfur and calcium to your soil, so you have a solid, healthy foundation for your crops. Calcium improves soil structure, aeration and drainage, resulting in increased water infiltration and reduced soil surface crusting and improved seedling emergence. SO4 also helps break up compacted soil, critical for increasing rooting depth. It helps stabilize organic matter, decreases nitrogen loss to the atmosphere, and so much more. See the custom calculator below to get started on improving your soil - and your yield – today.

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SO4 Articles

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Great White Bunker Sand

Great White Bunker Sand


  • White color provides a true professional look
  • Consistent texture
  • Consistent playability
  • Sub-angular shape conforms and adheres to bunker slopes
  • Sized to provide firm ball support
  • Quick draining to eliminate ponding
  • Meets USGA particle size recommendations for greens
  • Meets USGA Tour specifications
    Great White Bunker Sand Information Sheet


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