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Treating pet burns with SuperCal SO4

In a past blog on burn problems on turf I told you how SuperCal SO4 can help eliminate pet burn spots. I wanted to show you how well it works. I have a 2 year old Great Dane. Since our road is very busy, we let him out on a lead to do his business. I thought I had him trained to go around to the side yard near the field. I guess with the cold windy winter he wanted to do it out of the wind, right in front of the house. Since I do not farm, my yard is my crop and I take pride in making it look nice. A spotted dog is fine but a spotted lawn is not. To take care of the spots, I spread SuperCal SO4 at 40#/1000 sq ft on April 1st. There has been significant improvement.    SuperCal SO4 applied April 1    Yard…

Solve common lawn problems with SuperCal SO4

We mostly focus on row crops in our blog, however with the first day of spring here and warmer temperatures, many are thinking about their grass. For much of the Midwest the winter was very long with lots of snow and ice. To keep sidewalks clear lots of salt was used. Excess salt creates growth problems along the edges of sidewalks and streets. SuperCal SO4 is the best product to reduce the harmful effects of salt.    Severe de-icer burn, image credit: Have pets? SuperCal SO4 applied to urine burn spots will help facilitate faster re-growth.    Love your pet, hate your lawn? Early spring is a great time to apply SuperCal SO4 to increase water infiltration, improve root growth, and naturally aerate the soil. Applications of SuperCal SO4 improves plant vigor, keeps it greener though prolonged drought periods, provides calcium for reduced fungus, and sulfur for greener grass, and…

Fall Update

It's been a busy summer for us at Calcium Products. The website got a face lift, the SO4 plant has been expanded, and new products have been developed and tested. The building for the expansion has been completed. We are now waiting for the last of the production line equipment. We are hoping for the installation of the equipment to be finished before the end of the year. There has been incredible demand for SuperCal SO4 this past year and we are currently sold out for the rest of the year. The plant expansion will allow us to increase production of SuperCal SO4 by 50%. We have been testing a number of new products over the summer. While most are still in the development stage, and I cannot talk much about them, I can talk about HydraSave. HydraSave is our Ultra Premium Greens Grade Gypsum. HydraSave is an ultra small…


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