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Better Roots for Better Soil

Could better corn roots be the key to better quality soil and water? According to the article “How Corn Roots Got Better by Accident, traditional plant breeding has also made roots better at taking up nitrogen, though more research is need to understand the mechanisms. Here are some key points from the article: Image: Courtesy of Larry York Using a Penn State-developed computer program called SimRoot, researchers modeled the average root architecture of modern corn hybrids (shown) to help compare it to that of older varieties. “About half of the yield gains in commercial corn hybrids in the last 100 years have come from improved plant genetics, explains Larry York, recent PhD graduate in ecology, now a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Nottingham. The other half came largely from agronomic practices, such as fertilizer use and higher planting densities.” “A lot of research has focused on the shoots…

IPFS Presentation Sulfur Deficiency in the Upper Midwest

It's been a great week at the Iowa Power Farming Show. This year Dr. Andrew Hoiberg presented each day to growers on Sulfur Deficiency in the Upper Midwest. The key take a ways are: Sulfur deficiency is often confused with Nitrogen deficiency, know what you are looking at. Prior to 2005 little sulfur deficiency was observed Sandy and loamy soils may exhibit more problems. Soil tests may not adequately show a need for sulfur nutrition Tissue tests of less than 0.25% Sulfur should show a response Iowa State has documented yield increases of 7-18 bu / acre with applications of as little as 15 lbs /a sulfur   This Blogronomist article was written by Andrew Hoiberg, Director of Research and development. Here you will find a wide array of blog articles from Andrew and expert guests on topics related to soil and crop health, farming, and so much more. If it’s…

What is SuperCal SO4?

Over the past few weeks, people have asked is what is SuperCal SO4? SuperCal SO4 is pelletized gypsum, however we put in a crazy amount of extra time and effort to ensure our products are highly effective. We call it the SuperCal Advantage and it consists of three components Purity                          Particle Size                       Precision  Purity SuperCal SO4 is a true dihydrate gypsum mined from one of the purest sources of gypsum on earth. Many people think, gypsum is gypsum, however science shows us this is just not so. Check out this test from Pace Turf . We’ve also spent extra time and effort to test many sources of gypsum, and none compare to SuperCal. Particle Size Matters When it comes to mined gypsum, none are ground finer prior…

Stripe rust appears early in Pacific North West wheat

  Stripe rust was found early this year in the WIllamette Valley in Oregon. You can read the article on AgProfessional.  Did you know that proper pH and calcium reduces the incidence of Stripe Rust? In a study conducted by Washington State University, the incidence of Cephalosporium (Rust)  stripe decreased significantly when soil pH was raised from 5.1 to 6.0. Grain-yield and test weight increased significantly with increasing soil pH in three out of four years. Here are a couple of articles on our website you may find helpful: Calcium reduces many plant disease Poor pH is causing Poor Tillering     For a quick and effective pH change, ask for SuperCal 98G    


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