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Gotta get that feeling...

I was watching the Super Bowl over the weekend and, of course, the commercials. I was struck by how many commercials had little or nothing to do with the product or service they were selling. Well-known companies with simple, straight-forward products. Yet these companies paid millions for the 30- or 60-second spot. They paid a lot of money to actors, writers, special effects people—some were like mini movies. Why? Advertisers know people don’t buy a “thing,” they buy a feeling. They buy the feeling that “thing” can do for them or what feeling they would miss if they didn’t buy. At Calcium Products, we have some great things to talk about, but maybe we spend too much time talking about the “thing.” It’s easy to do—98% calcium carbonate, pellets instead of powder, pounds instead of tons per acre, etc., etc. However, farmers who buy 98G talk about seeing better, more…

Nitrogen leading to acidic soil?

Many farmers do not consider nitrogen fertilizers as contributing to soil acidity but it is actually THE largest factor in soils becoming more acidic. Areas in western Kansas are now dealing with acid soils, even in areas where alkaline soils are common, thanks to nitrogen applications. We think this article from Kansas State University explains this very well. And if you're ready to fix acidic soil, you'll want our SuperCal 98G!

Iowa Power Farming Show

Come see us in Des Moines this week at the Iowa Power Farming Show. We're booth 2508. Here's a $3 coupon off admission. If you park at the Iowa Cubs stadium you can take a free shuttle (sponsored by us!) to the show - much easier than trying to park by the Events Center. At 12:15 each day you can catch our presentation on Soil pH & Yield - check your event program for location. If you want to leave the Event Center & grab a bite to eat, Buzzard Billy's is in walking distance and is a good place to grab a bite to eat. Cya in Des Moines!

Soil health

One of our Calcium Products team ran across this USDA piece on soil health. It's compiled by the Soil Quality National Technology Development Team. We think it serves as a nice overview of what soil health means and why it's important! Soil health is the basis for all we do. We have several agronomy experts on our staff and we'd love to answer questions about the topic. If you have any - please let us know!

Calcium nitrate-what is it?

I have had some recent questions about calcium nitrate. Calcium nitrate, chemically known as ammonium calcium nitrate decahydrate (5Ca(NO3)2*NH4NO3*10H2O), is a white, hygroscopic, dry water-soluble material. It is 15.5% nitrogen and 19% calcium (15.5-0-0-19Ca). It is produced by reacting nitric acid with crushed phosphate ore and then neutralized with ammonia. It is considered a 'double growth' fertilizer, since both the calcium and the nitrate contribute to plant growth. It is highly hygroscopic, and needs to be stored in a cool, dry location. Some formulations are coated to help retard moisture absorption during storage. Compared to other nitrogen fertilizers such as urea or ammonium nitrate, it receives little attention. Many of the discussions I have heard about it originated from biological farmers, and they gave excellent reviews of its attributes. Several commented that using calcium nitrate, and calcium sulfate (SuperCal SO4) together produced some great results. Because of its hygroscopic properties,…


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