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Soil acidity

Within any given soil, there are two states of acidity that need to be accounted for before liming recommendations can be made. First is the active acidity, which indicates the current pH status of the soil. Active acidity accounts for the H+ ions in the soil/water solution that the laboratory measures. What active acidity doesn't account for, however, is the reserve, or potential acidity.    

We've got new Headquarters!

We are settling into our new headquarters in Gilmore City. We remodeled the local Catholic school building to house several of our administration staff and supplies — the ultimate upcycling! If you ever visited our old office you probably remember how dusty and noisy they were being attached to the manufacturing buildings. This new office space is 2 minutes away but provides a little peace and quiet! We're also happy to keep building in Gilmore City. It's a small Iowa city but it's OUR hometown. Hopefully as we keep growing we'll be able to add a few more jobs in this new office. The local paper did a story about our new offices. We thought our blog readers might enjoy reading it. If you're in the Gilmore City area, please stop on by!

SuperCal SO4 Success

Recently, we received an update from a cooperator involved with our ‘Prove It’ strip trial program. SuperCal SO4 was applied at 200 lbs/acre this spring to a farm located in northern Iowa in advance of corn planting and the results so far are visually stunning.  Sulfur is increasingly being recognized as the fourth major plant nutrient after the “big three” of N, P and K. Its importance in agriculture is becoming more widely accepted as the supply of S in older fertilizer/pesticide chemistry and that supplied from the atmosphere can no longer be counted upon.  Low levels of sulfur in the soil limit the efficiency of added nitrogen, which means if you are applying more N to overcome yellow plants and slow early season growth, you throwing your money away. Nitrogen and sulfur deficiencies are commonly confused, but sulfur deficiency is easily identified by yellowing of the upper leaves (as…

Farming Yields Big Harvest

Large crop yield responses have been measured in some fields containing soils with low organic matter, side-slope landscape position, or coarse soil texture, especially in northeastern Iowa. The objective of this study was to determine S response of com and soybean in north-central Iowa. Materials and Methods Plots were established in 2011 on two sites, one with lower soil organic matter (3.8 to 4.7%) on a Clarion loam with 2 to 5 percent slope (lower organic matter site).


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