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What is Movember?

This weekend at a wedding a lot of people asked what is going with your face?

“It is Movember,” I would reply. To which I would get blank stares or replies like “oh?” "seriously" and "you know that's not a good look for you."

Everyone knows pink is the unifying color to bring attention to breast cancer. If you have women in your life you likely know the devastation breast cancer causes. In fact it is the number 3 cancer killer in the U.S. and the number 1 among women. 

By growing a mustache (or Mo) you can draw attention to the number 1 cancer among men, prostate cancer. Since farmers have a higher incidence of prostate cancer, I have choosen to grow a Mo. 

Why a mustache?

For me, it's fun, my wife wouldn't go along with it otherwise and it raises awareness for a major cancer among men in a lost cost way. By donating instead of buying stuff, more of your money goes to research, which is very manly! Finally, many men choose to hide the fact they are afflicted with prostate or testicular cancer. Often it's etheir because of manly instinct to not bother others with their problems or out of embarrassment that their 'plumbing' is not working properly. Show the important men in your life that you care for them by sprouting a sweet ‘stache!

For more information:

Visit our public MO SpacePlease join our team and make a donation!
Register and win some sweet prizes!  (Note: I will be donating as soon as the website is fixed, I will up

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