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Not all gypsum is the same

With all the success farmers have had with SuperCal SO4, it’s no surprise there are many products emerging that claim to be as good. Many of these products are not true dihydrate gypsum or have impurities and heavy metals, and really don’t work like SuperCal SO4.  

One of these products has a long list of application guidelines. Check it out:  

best applied with a fertilizer or litter spreader, ideally equipped with a stainless steel box with steep sides (45°angles) and a wide belt. In absence of a stainless steel box, graphite film coating or plastic liners can be used to assure the gypsum slides easily onto the belt.  It is recommended that non-essential interior gates, partitions and braces be removed.  Twin spinners are important to ensure a wide, uniform spread pattern. can bridge … feather on bed rather than dumping it all in center. Try to avoid piling against rear gate."  

Hmmm, sounds like a lot of hassle.

With SuperCal SO4 it is as easy as spreading any other fertilizer grade product. SuperCal SO4 pelletized gypsum can be applied with ANY equipment you currently have access to. It can be applied with:

Any dry fertilizer spreader
Air spreader
Soilection machines
In-furrow application systems          
Air seeders          
Strip till applicators          
Through the insecticide box  

Tell us how you apply your SuperCal! As with other fertilizer-grade products, SuperCal SO4 gives you consistent spreading, consistent results, ease of use and more time to focus on other aspects of your farm.  

To learn more about the differences in SuperCal SO4 from other gypsum products, check out this video from our winter conference presented by Dr. Patrick McGinnity: 


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