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Ag Media Summit Roundup

This week we have been in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the 2012 Ag Media Summit. (To see some photos of our fun, click here.) This was our chance to connect with all the writers, magazine and news editors for agriculture. To encourage people to come to our booth we held a contest to win an iPad that we kept under lock and key at our booth. The idea was to give us a business card in trade for being able to draw a key and see if it opens the lock!

Amazingly we hit the last hour of the show and nobody had picked the winning key. We had lots of great students, members of ACT, asking for a second chance to win. So in exhange for tweets we gave second chances.

At the close of the show, still no one had a winning key. We decided a free for all was the best solution. We dumped the keys on the floor and let people grab as many chances as possible!!

We finally got one lucky winner, a great young lady from the University of Oklahoma State. To see all the fun check out the video below!



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