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Groundbreaking news - we're expanding!

We're excited to announce a major expansion to our Fort Dodge manufacturing facility. We love that you love our SuperCal SO4, a naturally-mined sulfur fertilizer and superior quality gypsum product used by growers across North America. The new plant will be able to meet the growing demand for SuperCal SO4.

You are invited to attend CPI’s ground breaking on Tuesday, April 17, 2 p.m., north of the existing Fort Dodge plant, 2063 Quail Ave.

“SuperCal SO4, one of several soil amendment products we manufacture, has led industry sales as farmers and growers better understand the importance calcium and sulfur has on plant health, vitality and crop production,” explained Craig Dick, CPI vice president of sales and marketing. “Because of increased demand for a naturally-mined product such as SuperCal SO4 we’ve made the strategic decision to double our production levels over the next two years and enable capabilities to produce even more in the near future.”

Calcium Products, Inc. officials estimate the new facility will allow them to increase their employee base by up to 10% while supporting the local and Iowa economies with increased sales. Currently CPI sells much of their natural soil amendment products out of state. 

“We are proud to be an Iowa-based, employee-owned company; our customers know they are dealing with a company that exhibits Iowa values and work ethic. That, along with our ability to produce some of the most pure, high-quality products on the market, has enhanced our customers’ experience,” added Dick.

CPI also has a production facility in Gilmore City, Iowa, with warehouses and distribution centers in Alden and Aplington, Iowa.



Calcium Products, Inc. (CPI) is celebrating 25 years in the business of providing high quality pelletized lime and gypsum to growers in agriculture and horticulture. Along with the signature products SuperCal SO4 (pelletized gypsum) and SuperCal 98G (pelletized lime) CPI continues to develop additional products to meet the growing demand for natural products for farms, professional turf and home.


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