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ISA Nutirent Management Benchmarking Project

 Are you an Iowa Farmer that would like to know more about plant tissue sampling and aerial imaging? If so then the Iowas Soybean Associations On-Farm Network has what you need.

"The concept is to get an aerial image of the field and use it to guide the collection of soil and plant samples shortly afterward. The goal is to get a minimum 500 corn and 500 soybean fields, with a proportionate amount from each of Iowa’s 99 counties. This broader database results in not only feedback for a given field, but also a relative comparison to other fields in your area and across the state. So while the tests will tell you the nutrient status in your field, the biggest benefit of the program is the ability to compare your results to the larger database.

As part of the larger program, the same type of soil and plant tissue samples will also be collected from On-Farm Network replicated strip trials to help with comparisons and interpretations. All samples will be collected at roughly the same time and sent to the same testing lab. Analyses will include N, P, K and S, but also micronutrients.

Using aerial imagery in this way is a newer technique that has interested many agronomists and growers. The imagery we’re providing for this is collected at a 1 meter resolution. This allows us to see differences as small as a single row. Many of the problems identified in aerial imagery are not visible in yield maps created at harvest because of the difference in resolution and because not all field issues follow the crop rows. The imagery will be both color and color-infrared and will be georeferenced so it can be used in mapping software. With these images as a guide, you can better select the sampling locations for both the soil and plant tissue samples.

Small group meetings will be held around the state over the winter to discuss the data and answer questions. This will allow participants to compare their results with those of others locally and across the state.

ISA is offering this program for the cost of the services, and have negotiated prices below those you would pay as an individual. For a field of up to 80 acres, with two soil and two tissue samples, the cost will be $195. Larger fields and more samples will be incrementally adjusted. The cost of this evaluation translates to the equivalent value of less than 1 bu. per acre. For many growers, this would be a good investment to give a direct evaluation of their own field as well as a relative evaluation when compared to other fields.

For more information please read the enclosed program description. More will be available at"

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