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Recap of Bob Streit's Talk at ICCC


For those of you that missed hearing Bob Streit last week, here is a recap from the Fort Dodge Messenger



2011 crop challenges outlined

Controlling weeds, pests, diseases leading the list

February 6, 2011 - By KRISS NELSON, For The Messenger

FORT DODGE - There appears to be a trend in more growers applying residual pre-plant herbicides again, due not only to recent wet springs, which have hindered timely herbicide applications, but to help control the increasing problem of resistant weeds.


That assessment was offered by Bob Streit, an independent crop consultant, Monday to 20 producers attending his second of two presentations featuring crop challenges for 2011 at Iowa Central Community College.

"We are still seeing Roundup-resistant varieties being planted, but are also seeing a switch back to pre-plant herbicides," said Streit.

"Guys are learning they shouldn't have relied completely on Roundup as a (sole) means of weed control."

Streit recommended several products that can be used. He said that when it comes to deciding just which residual herbicide to use, figuring out the pH levels and the kind of weed pressure in one's field will help determine which will work best.

Fungicide use

Streit described fungi as simple plants without chlorophyll and no way to produce their own sugars. The most important factor, he said, is to understand what he calls the fungi triangle, which features three factors - susceptible host, conducive environment and pathogen; and with those three factors combined all together will equal disease.

Fungicides need to be used with caution, Streit warned, as diseases are being developed due to fungicide misuse.

"Too much selling and not enough education has been used," said Streit. "Never use strobes twice alone consecutively or twice alone in the same season."

According to Streit, people need to learn how the chemicals work, when the proper application should be and what should be added in the tank for extended protection.

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