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Fall 2010 Sulfur Prices

 Our recent work with the Iowa Soybean Association on sulfur strip trials has me thinking about sulfur fertilizer. Past research trials by Iowa State on sulfur fertilizer for corn in northeast Iowa show positive results about 100% of the time on sands, 70% of the time on silt loam soils, 60% of the time on loam soils.

It seems that the word is getting out as the cost of sulfur fertilizers is on the rise. Recent prices on elemental sulfur are in the $0.32 - $0.45/# range or $0.35 to $0.50/# of actual S. But since it has to oxidize down to gypsum to be plant available it really is a big waste of money at any price, not just when it’s high. 

Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) is in the $0.20 to $0.30/# range or $0.83 to $1.25 /# of actual sulfur, not considering the nitrogen or the limestone needed to offset the acidity if causes.

SuperCal SO4 will cost you $0.09 to $0.11/# or $0.52 to $0.65/# of actual sulfur, not considering the calcium.

This fall and next spring make sure you have sulfur in your fertilizer program. Make sure it’s in a form that works, and make sure your not paying too much. Not all sulfur forms are the same some can cost you more upfront and yield in the end! 



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