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Wet soils require extra nutrients for high yields

How will all the excess moisture from this growing season affect your fertility plans?
Did you know that wet soils can cause deficnecies in nutrients other than Nitogens?
Here is some excerpts from an article written by Neil Kinsey 
...excess moisture has caused some fertilizer nutrients needed for good crop production to be leached out, washed downward out of the topsoil. This is especially true for nitrogen, sulfur and
boron, which is generally expected to be the case with highly active soil water systems. But often overlooked is the loss of calcium, which is another element that can be lost from higher rates of moisture.
But just applying some type of lime to correct the pH is not the best answer. In fact, some of the fields that have received high magnesium (dolomite) lime can still have an adequate pH and yet be limiting your crop yields.
When dolomite is applied in too large a quantity, it can cause an excess of magnesium and have a negative effect on yields. In corn, on medium to heavy soils, a high level of magnesium (above 15 percent) costs the farmer 10 bushels of corn per acre. Above 20 percent magnesium on the soil test reduces the yield by another 5 or more bushels per acre. In addition, it will require more nitrogen to produce each bushel of corn every year until the problem is corrected. In legumes, taking soybeans as an example, 13 to 14 percent magnesium levels can cause losses of 10 bushels per acre per year, even when all other nutrients are present in the proper amounts.
For more information on wet soils
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