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Out of Product?!?!

Yes the rumors are true, we are only able to fill prepay orders as of last Thursday. We will work in other orders as possible. Please call us if you have any questions 800-255-8196.

Being on allocation this early has raised many questions;

  • What happened to all the product?
  • I thought you expanded the plant?
  • What are good long time customers supposed to do?
  • I was not told to prepay or told it shouldn't be necessary.

All are valid questions and concerns. What happened to all the product is that there was virtually no product applied all winter,  this backed up everything. Once spring turned, it was nice from Kansas to Canada, our dealers who have a tremendous capacity for application emptied out stocks in a matter of days. Typically spring starts in the south and by the time the southern half of the county is finishing up, the northern half is just starting. I have talked with many other suppliers and many other terminals were also quickly depleted.

We have been expanding out plants for 5 years strait now. We have increased capacity for production as well as storage, this has just been one of those springs that many input producers could not have predicted. A bad winter with an early unseasonably nice spring, little in country storage combined to empty our warehouse at record pace.

We are disappointed that we are not able to have enough product for everyone this spring. We have many long time customers that are not able to get product. We are working hour-by-hour, day-by-day to get product to prepaid customers first, then customers that have had orders placed since 4-8-10. With rain predicted to hit most of the Midwest this week, we will work get tons to those that can run.

Many dealers may not have been asked to prepay, this is our fault, and we will work to let every dealer know of future programs. You can also ask your product rep or call our offices for more information. For those that were told prepay shouldn't be necessary, again we would like to apologize for that, the information at the time showed that production and storage should have been able to meet demand. In the future our sales staff will work more closely with dealers to ensure needs are meet.

So what else is Calcium Products doing to avoid this for the future?

We are revamping our production schedules, prepay and pricing program, expanding the cost share program to help dealers build more storage and looking at other storage solutions. I know this doesn't make more product available this spring, but we are committed to meeting our customers demands.

We ask for your patience and understanding this spring and thank you for your business and support.

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