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One of the comments we get a lot is, what data do you have to support your product works? We have many trials that back our claims, yet many agronomists and farmers need more proof. Sales of SuperCal 98G and SuperCal SO4 have grown stedily every year since we started. The growth in our sales in from farmers trying the product and seeing it works for themselves.

What about the people that need more proof?

Seth Godin says it best in his blog;

Too much data leads to not enough belief

Business plans with too much detail, books with too much proof, politicians with too much granularity... it seems as though more data is a good thing, because data proves the case.

In my experience, data crowds out faith. And without faith, it's hard to believe in the data enough to make a leap. Big mergers, big VC investments, big political movements, large congregations... they don't usually turn out for a spreadsheet.

The problem is this: no spreadsheet, no bibliography and no list of resources is sufficient proof to someone who chooses not to believe. The skeptic will always find a reason, even if it's one the rest of us don't think is a good one. Relying too much on proof distracts you from the real mission--which is emotional connection.

So why don't we have reams of data? Because if you've tried our products you know they work! Makes you wonder why some products work so hard to "prove" they work?!?

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