Calcium Products - No-Till Farming Conference Wrap Up
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No-Till Farming Conference Wrap Up

While this conference is geared to no-tillers, anyone in production agriculture could learn something from attending this conference. Dan Davidson at DTN says it best here, this conference really is a Farming Think Tank.

There are discussions on all things farming and I know any farmer will get more value out of meeting farmers from around the country, and interacting one-on-one with industry leaders than the cost of the conference.  I highly suggest making plans to attend next year, it will be the second week of Jan. in Cincinnati, Ohio,

So what did I learn this week, ( besides get the basics right)?

Uneven emergence is a huge yield robber, and a planter needs to be treated as a precision instrument.

Excessive N is released by plants as ammonia gas and is a dinner bell for insects.

Need to inoculate soybeans every year.

Farmer (and agronomist) need to take time to observe their fields, get out of the pickup, dig in the dirt, smell the soil, really look at the plants.

We should worry about how to get soils wet during the dry part of the year and not how to get the dry during the wet part of the year.

Many farmers want more information on gypsum.

You cannot do mechanically to the soil what needs to be done chemically, i.e. compaction is due to the chemical properites of the soil.

There are many more ideas I took away and you can see them at Over the next few weeks I will be expanding on these topics.


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