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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  ~Author unknown

Life is about change. Change you socks, change your shoes, make change, change a tire, change the channel, a change in the weather, change seed varieties, change implements. Every day we change hundreds of things, many without thinking about it. Change is not a bad thing. Driving to work today in almost blizzard conditions I cannot wait for the weather to change.

If things didn’t change farming would not be possible. Farming needs change. The sky changes from night to day, the soil changes from black to rows of green. If things didn’t change you could not grow a crop. If you don’t change the way you farm from year to year, how do you expect to stay profitable?

What about your input supplier? Have they recommend changes to keep you profitable? What about you supplier that has not been able to get ag lime spread for the past 3 years because the weather has changed? Many climatologist are predicting that winters will be much more severe than the past 10 years. If they have not been able to spread the past three, are the next 10 going to be any better?

SuperCal 98G is a big change for farmers and agronomists. I understand that it is difficult understand how applying less lime gets better results. This is a huge change in thinking. Over ten years SuperCal 98G has shown to increase soil pH and yields. We would love to Prove It to you. Contact one of our sales representatives to find out how you can conduct an on farm trial.

Greg Ervin, MN, WI, ND, SD, North East IA, Canada
Glen Howell, NE, South and East IA, IL, MO, KS
Craig Dick, all other areas

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