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Don't let your well run dry!

I just opened my planner this morning, I have those Franklin Covey, day insert sheets so I can try and keep everything strait. One of the things I like best about it is that there is a quote on each days sheet. I like the ones from historical figures best. Today’s was from Ben Franklin:

               " When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water."
How many of us complain about all the rain, until there is a drought. What about fertility, its easy to complain about the cost of fertilzer, but when your yield is subpar, how much did not correcting those defiecenies cost you?
Fraklin was far ahead of his time, he new the worth of Gypsum as a fertilizer back in the late 1700’s. So will you wait until your soil is defiecient in calcium or sulfur to apply gypsum? It is likely you are already defienct in sulfur, 82% of ground in Iowa will respond to sulfur. But for years Iowa State told us that sulfur was not nessaccary to apply. For years they have told us calcium is not nessaccary either.
Did you know that when calcium levels are low (> 60% base saturation, and >2000 ppm) that nitorgen can leach calcium casuing further deficnecy? As calcium levels become lower soil becomes harder to till, crusts easier, drains more poorly, sticks to equipment, and nitorgen volitizes faster?
Don’t wait until the well is dry, keep your soil calcium levels up, applied chemicals and fertilizers will work much better, yeilds will stay high and you’ll sleep better when your not up all night trying to fiugue out why your yields are so low!

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