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The blame game

We talk about soil quality a lot on this blog. It should be the thing you focus most on. Having a soil that is soft, stable, and has good organic matter makes everything else work better.

It's not the seed companies fault that corn lodges in your field if it is hard as concrete, has low organic matter, and low calcium levels.
It's not the chemical companies fault that there chemicals don't kill foxtail in your fields if the pH is too low or soil calcium levels are low.

It's not the equipment dealers fault their planter balls up with mud if the soil is damp, has little organic matter, or low calcium levels.

 end row shovel

Soil is less sticky and prone to compaction when calcium and organic matter levels are high

It's up to you to take the steps to develep your fields into quality soils. It won't be done by phosporous or potash alone. It startes with a full soil analysis and applying the right fertilizers in the right amount.

When you start to get it right your enjoy farming alot more. It will be easy to beat the county average in yield, you'll be planting and harvesting 2 to 3 days sooner than your neighbors after a rain - without causing compaction. Rain won't pond on your fields, it will be absorbed by the soil waiting in reserve for hot dry days.

The above picture was taken today, we have had over an inch possibly as much as 3 inches (it's been hard to tell, most of the rain has been coming in sideways).


You can continue to fight the seed, chemical, and equipment companies, or you can make a few simple changes that will have a much bigger reward than a few small product rebates. After all it's no ones fault but yours if your soil is in poor condition.



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