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Treating manure with SuperCal SO4

This winter has been colder than many. The cost of natural gas and propane has been more expensive. The news has been full of stories of people not able to afford the rising cost of heating their homes. What about the folks that have large barns of animals? Not only are they feeling the heating crunch the cost of feed continues to increase. We have a solution to both problems.

Using SuperCal SO4 as a poultry litter treatment. SuperCal SO4 keeps the ammonia gas in manure from volatilizing. This means that there is less venting of buildings, keeping valuable warm air inside. Since ammonia’s molecular weight is less than normal atmosphere it takes less BTU’s to heat a building. Performance of birds will also be enhanced since they will not be breathing ammonia.

While reduction in building odor, decreased heating costs, and increased animal performance are great reasons for using a litter treatment, SuperCal SO4 will increase the value of the litter as a fertilizer. Since SuperCal SO4 keeps the nitrogen from volatilizing it is available to the plants in the field, resulting in higher yields and less high priced chemical fertilizer.

Application Rates for Poultry: 3-5 lbs per 100 birds per week for layers, 2-5# per 100 birds per week for broilers.

It is best to do applications every 10 days, but you can spread all of it when you put down new bedding. Example: 1000 birds for 8 weeks 3 pound rate, 1000/100=10x 8 weeks x 3 = 240 pounds.

Dairy: Up to 2-3# per head per week in dry stalls

Beef Feed Lots: 1-2# per head per week for animals ranging from 600-1000#

Swine: ½ to 2# per head per week for fattening barns and brood sows

These materials can be spread by hand, with a yard sized fertilizer spreader, an ATV spreader, or full size fertilizer buggy. For dry barns a seed pro-box on a stand works great as a holding/storage container. Just fill a five gallon bucket from the slide and spread a scoop full in each stall.

Does not contain sodium, or alum, both of which are toxic to plants!



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