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But I save 5 bucks on applicaton

We have all heard ag lime doesn’t drift that much, or we pick our days to spread ag lime, or we have it watered so it doesn’t drift.



You are easily losing up to 25% to drift*. Putting on 2 tons per acre, up to 1000 lbs is not being spread where you want it. It could be drifting across the road, or if you are variable rate applying your lime it could easily be drifting on to an area that does not need any lime. Very costly since your paying extra for the applicator to NOT apply it on some areas. Fine ground ag lime is costing you more than you think.

Even if the source is a high calcium lime, fine ground, with water applied to reduce drift, how much water did you pay for? The quarry will not take the time to figure it out, and they likely added the water before they weighed your lime. Even if the water was added after they weighed the truck, are you getting it spread evenly? From my experience it is very difficult to get an even spread. The heavy particles fall right behind the floater, while the fine particles drift away.


Applying lime in the pelletized form is the only way to guarantee you are getting what you pay for. SuperCal 98G is a high cal, finely ground, low moisture, pelletized lime. It is the industries highest quality pel lime. It is sized to unsure uniform particle size to spread evenly.

SuperCal 98G pelletized lime can be applied at a much lower rate than ag lime. You’re not buying water, large particles that do nothing, ever, or losing 1/4 to drift. Sure it may not last as long as ag lime (Actually, there is no difference between how long ag-lime and 98G lasts. The courser particles do nothing therefore only the fine particlesdo the work and they should do it in the same time frame. You get more fine particles on the ground with 98G than ag-lime after spreading), because it starts to work right away! You wouldn’t buy seed that doesn’t grow for 3 years, or pay for equipment for 3 years before you can use it. Why would you buy a crop input that doesn’t provide yield advantage for 3 years?


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