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Buying on Price

If you’re in the crop inputs business then you know that everyone sells what you sell. With the high cost of inputs, the customer is looking for the lowest price on nitrogen and glyphosate. The successful dealer knows that both those statements are false.

If you sell your services at the lowest price, you will only be successful until a cheaper or better consultant comes along. While customers do look for fair prices, it is not the only criteria for doing business with you;

Trust and integrity
Clean and professional offices and facilities
Completing jobs on time
Spreaders and applicators that are well maintained
Staff that has knowledge of GPS/GIS equipment
Knowledge of innovative products and practices
Continuing education and training

When a customer ask why he should spend fifty cents more an acre for your services, be prepared to explain it. Explain it in specific terms relevant to that customers operation. “We are full service”, or “our equipment is better”, will not cut it. “We are not the cheapest, but have always sprayed your fields on time”, is expected from every dealer, by every customer today.

The successful dealer knows that while they offer products like nitrogen and glyphosate, the real sale is their expertise. Helping their customers find the best solutions for their operation, not selling them the cheapest products, is what makes them and their customers successful

Your customers will spend millions of dollars with you; they want more than full service and cheap prices. They expect that your expertise will help them be successful, that you are always looking for innovative ways to make their lives more profitable and easier.

We can help you bring innovative products and service to your customers. Give us a call.


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