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Greetings from Redwood Falls

The first day of Farm Fest is under our belts. It was an interesting day. We meet a dowser, a writer for a magazine, a couple of politicians, and lots of farmers and agronomist. If you are planning on coming up to the show we are in the big yellow tent, it's between the red and blue tents.

We heard lots of good stories today, and had lots of questions asked. One in particular caught me off guard.

Reporter: "If your selling lime and gypsum, why does you booth show a cafe scene?"

Me: "It got you to stop and ask me about it didn't it, actually it is part of a marketing campaign."

What are you doing to get your customers to take time to stop and talk with you?
Having poor turnouts for your customer meetings? Have you changed the format and topics lately?

Does the cost of fertilizer have you thinking about not talking about it anytime soon? If you're thinking about it, your customers are. Why not include that in fall tour discussions. It may be a good time to add that fixing pH will make their fertilizer work better.

Having you customers ask you about SuperCal latter is a lot easier than "trying" to tell them what it will do for them today.

The old adage, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, holds true. Don't show them the water, tell them how clear, cooling, and refreshing it is. You're thirsty now aren't you. It is strange but it works. Don't tell your customers the whole story, even if they ask. Most people cannot place themselves in the story. Give them a few details, and let them make their own story, it's better than yours anyway.

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