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Is Adequate good enough?

How do you decide when to settle for adequate over exceptional? Many of us do settle for adequate over exceptional, quite a bit of the time actually. The difference between success and failure is knowing when only exceptional will do.

How many of us seek out and buy Snap-On wrenches for the toolboxes on our equipment? Some might, I have lost the box of the tractor or left the tool in the field, so for me a wrench from Bomgaar’s dollar bin is adequate for quick field repairs.

Snap-On is the best in the world, with a lifetime warrantee, lasts forever, but if there is chance of losing it in the field, another option my be better.

I’m not going to sweat losing the dollar wrench.

I have never heard of anyone say happily “I just bought this great stock, it does not perform that well, I’m not making much money on it, but I heard that stocks were great to buy.” When it comes to investments only exceptional performance is good enough.

For many of our end users their biggest investment is their land. Are adequate yields good enough for you, or do you strive to have exceptional yields? If adequate yields are ok then adequate fertility and soil quality is good enough.

If you’re striving for exceptional yields start with developing exceptional soil on your farms. An exceptional farm always brings more at a sale; exceptional farms create an exceptional income, and allow the landowner to adequately survive times of drought, poor price, and high input costs.

SuperCal SO4, and SuperCal 98G are exceptional products. Many of our customers report exceptional transformations in their fields. Over the next few months we’ll bring you their stories. Give us a call, or stop by one of the


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