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Demand for Gypsum Increasing

The demand for SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime, and SuperCal SO4 Pelletized Gypsum continues to increase.

What a difference a year can make! Last year at this time corn was near $2, soybeans were $5.50, and it looked like it was going to stay that way for a while. Not to mention it was very hot and dry. During harvest we saw an explosion in the price of corn, soybean, & wheat. This drove demand for fertilizer higher than ever.

While this was happening two of our competitors went out of business. One due to fire and one due to government regulation. As of today it looks like one will not reopen and the other may not be online for fall fertilizer season.

photo by Jesse Helling, courtesy Fort Dodge Messenger

We expect that SuperCal SO4 will not fully meet fall demand. Many dealers have prepaid for their needs already. Seeing the increase in demand we have begun a 23,000 sq/ft expansion of our Fort Dodge plant. This will ad storage space and allow for upgrades in manufacturing equipment that will increase production up to 50%.

While the building should be done by August, installation of the equipment will not be completed until late this year. This is due to the highly specialized nature of the equipment. We are planning to be able to meet the increased demand by spring of 2008.

Please keep us informed of your needs. We are working around the clock to make as much product as possible. We are serious about making the best calcium for plants, and we are serious about making sure our dealers can get it.



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