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Double income hit

It seems like the economy is in a tailspin, the Dow is down 2800 points in less than 2 weeks, corn and soybeans are down 30% off their highs. Commodities are dropping which is bringing the cost of fuel down dramatically, and fertilizer is dropping too, though not nearly fast enough.

So what are you going to do with your fertility plan? Cut dramatically due to the drop in commodities? Shoot for maximum yield as always? Cut P and K and wait for the drop in fertilizer? Do you even have a plan?

Yes fertilizer is expensive, yes the commodity market is tanking, but are you going to take a double hit of lower yields and lower prices? While it may not be a yield to build your P and K levels, if they are low (under 15ppm Bray P and 100ppm K at 10 CEC) then it will more than pay to add them in.

What about your pH? Think you can afford to forgo the lime. At a pH of 6 you could be missing out on an additional $200 of income at today's prices, even more if you pH is lower.

The cost of SuperCal 98G has remained relatively unchanged over the past 3 years making it this year's best value. The University of Wisconsin has stated that liming where needed can increase yield 10%-40%.

So even if corn is $3 next year, and you can raise you yield from 150 to 165 a 10% increase and about a 2 to 1 return on investment in the same year when 98G is used (very conservative numbers used). Why spend $50-$100 per acre for tons of aglime and then wait 2-7 years for a return. Apply SuperCal 98G for a fraction of the cost and put grain in the bin in the same season.



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