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Ammonium-based fertilizer will change the pH of a soil

From the Ventura County Star, GRANGEVILLE, Idaho (AP)

"Crop soils in north-central Idaho are becoming more acidic, possibly because of the repeated use of ammonium-based fertilizers, scientists say."

"Basically you're adding calcium carbonate to the soil," Sandlund said. The process is effective, but it's expensive, time-consuming and difficult, "usually involving tons per acre."

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At CPI we are not against Ammonium sulfate (AMS), in many cases it can be a great fertilizer. However if you have soils that are already acid, and/or have a low buffering capacity. It may be best to choose another form of Nitrogen and sulfur that is less acidic. 

For every pound of Ammonium sulfate applied, you need 5 lbs of pure calcium carbonate to offset the acidity it causes. 

Urea only needs 1.8 lbs of pure calcium carbonate to offset the acidity it causes. Combine that with a product like SuperCal SO4 to get your sulfur and you have nitrogen and sulfur blend that is priced less initially and causes less soil acidity.

If you insists on using the higher priced ammonium sulfate of low pH soils or low buffered soils make sure you apply 5 lbs of SuperCal 98G when you apply your AMS. This will keep you pH where you need it, and it more effective than waiting for a problem, is not expensive, nor time consuming and is really easy.

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