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Because our SuperCal products do so much more with considerably less, we've created these custom calculators for you to easily determine the perfect amount of SO4 and 98G for your property. Or, enter your bunker dimensions to know how much of our beautiful bunker sand to order. Click the appropriate link below to get started.

  1. SO4 Calculator
  2. 98G Calculator
  3. Bunker Sand Calulator

Having learned how much more efficient our pure, pelletized SuperCal products are, you are probably left wondering how much SO4 you need. Fill in the appropriate fields below, and our custom calculator will do the rest.

  • SO4 Calculator Instructions

    Calculator gives you the ability to compare the costs of SO4 to other sulfur fertilizers. Follow these simple steps.

    • 1. Select your crop
    • 2. Input your yield goal
    • 3. Input your acres to be grown
    • 4. Select your alternate sulfur fertilizer
    • 5. Input the cost / lb for the alternate source
    • 6. Input the cost / lb for  SO4



  • 98G Calculator Instructions

    This calculator is intended to utilize your soil test data to calculate an application rate for 98G.
    • Start by selecting in the first drop down box which target pH you are trying to achieve. This will depend on your geographic location, soil type and which crop you are trying to grow. Next, in the second drop down box, select your tillage type. Tillage type influences the application rate by exposing a different volume of soil to the 98G application.|

    • In the third box, enter the 'Buffer pH (or Buffer Index)' data from your soil test. In the fourth box, enter the 'Soil pH (or Water pH)' data from your soil test. 

    • The rate should automatically calculate for you after you enter the soil pH into the fourth box, and the larger box to the right titled '98G Rate' should flash blue and show you the application rate calculated for the information you entered on the left. You can also click on 'Calculate' to ensure the calculation has been executed correctly.

Because 98G is so much more efficient and precise than AgLime, we've developed this custom calculator to illustrate the difference in the amount of product needed and help you make an informed choice. Fill in the fields below to see how pure, pelletized SuperCal 98G compares.

This calculator takes the guess work out of ordering bunker sand. Enter all your bunker dimensions below, and let the calculator do the rest.