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Sulfur Gets Mixed Reviews

Farmers who have tested sulfur say the jury is still out.

Sulfur fertility was a topic on many Midwestern crop meetings last winter. It's a do-all-secondary plant nutrient that makes all other nutrients work better, say some. For as little as $10 an acre, you'll get several more bushels of $6 corn, they say.

Maybe. Farmers who have tried and measured the resonse see some, sometimes. Most are integued enought to say they're going to keep fiddling with it. Few are ready to take over the whole bandwagon.

This article has waht some Iowa farmers have done replicated sulfur strip tests through the Iowa Soybean Association's On-Farm Network are saying.


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Soy or Corn?

What will farmers plant in 2013? This is the question many are asking as thoughts turn to planting intentions for next year. Steve Johnson, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension farm management specialist, doesn't believe Iowa and the Corn Belt will likely plant as many acres of corn in 2013 as in 2012. Referring to what he alls the drought hangover, he says, "Drought gts in people's minds and lingers for years." Johnson adds, "Many farmers want to get their crop rotations back in balance after planting corn in corn in recent years." He also recognizes that "with relatively tight year-ending stocks likely for both corn and soybeans by August 2013, any problems in global productions, such as any South American weather issues, could push farmers to plant one crop over another by spring.


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