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Calcium Products capitalizes on humics’ popularity

SuperCal Humic was recently featured in the Fort Dodge Iowa newspaper, The Messenger.

SuperCal Humic will:


• Increases root growth
• Increases nutrient uptake and drought tolerance
• Allows for even application of dry humic substances
• Provides all the benefits of SuperCal SO4, plus humic substances
• Low dust easy to handle dry humates.

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Andrew Hoiberg, Ph.D., Vice President of Research & Development

After completing his postdoctoral research at Iowa State University, Andrew started at Calcium Products in 2012 charged to oversee all aspects of the company’s research and product development. Andrew graduated with his Ph.D. in horticulture, specifically turfgrass science, in 2012. Prior to completing his Ph.D., Andrew was the turf manager for Iowa State University for more than a year and was the assistant turf manager for the Denver Broncos for six years. He earned his bachelor’s in landscape horticulture (turfgrass science) from Colorado State University in 2001. Andrew is an Iowa native and currently lives in Ames, Iowa.

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