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98G corrects and maintains soil pH

98G is a pelletized lime that corrects and maintains soil pH. It is manufactured from a 98% pure limestone source in northwest Iowa that is processed and pelletized for ideal spread and solubility. Compared to traditional aglime, 98G is easy to apply, works well in variable rate application programs and provides the ability to correct and maintain soil pH rather than creating a pH rollercoaster.

Consistent, proper soil pH maximizes a plant’s utilization of nutrients promoting good plant health.

How effective is your aglime?
Take the 98G CHALLENGE and with three simple steps, find out!
aglime stack

Collect aglime samples.


Mail the aglime samples. Postage is on us.


Receive your aglime stack and quality analysis. The aglime stack shows the variation in aglime particle size, which impacts distribution out of application equipment and solubility in the soil.


Put your aglime to the test.

Interested? See how your aglime stacks up.

Complete the form below to request an aglime sample collection kit. We’ll mail the kit with detailed instructions to the address provided.

This offer is limited to ag retailers and growers who live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Now that you’ve requested an aglime sample collection kit, view the video above to learn how to complete the 98G Challenge.

Aglime in the Midwest

We’ve been busy and have been taking aglime samples from quarries across the Midwest.

The map below displays the following for each sample we’ve collected and analyzed.

CCE – Measures purity and stands for Calcium Carbonate Equivalent.

ECCE – Projects effectiveness in neutralizing soil pH and stands for Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent.

PDF of the lab analysis.

Photo of the aglime stack showing the variation in particle sizes.

If you are unable to view the map below, please click here.



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